Destination Greatness, Inc.
~Unleashing The Untapped Potential Within~

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From My Heart

Dale C. Broome, Founder

On June 16, 2008, while sitting in my vehicle on a quiet street, God down-loaded into me the framework for Destination Greatness. It was the day after ministering at the New Castle County Detention Center (N.C.C.D.C.) to the juveniles detained there, letting them know that it was never too late to change.  My message was basically excerpts of my book which was in progress at the time--"Destined for Greatness: It's as Easy as Getting Back on the Bus" (Published 2012).

Armed with a model of a bus with the destination- Greatness, I had been accompanied by some of the talented youth from my church (Perfect Will Ministries), some adults, along with my two pastors who have a heart for the youth (Apostle Frank just happened to wear a second hat--that of an FBI agent and prior to that--a Counselor/Teacher at Glen Mills School, PA--a residential facility for juvenile delinquents from all over the world)
. The dances, the songs, and the message was one of HOPE, letting them know that even though it didn't look like it, they were still Destined for Greatness.  It was just a matter of them making a 180 degree turn, and getting back on the bus to GREATNESS!! The message was well received by the students in attendance, many of whom requested prayer at the end, and received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

God has given me a burning passion to help young males avert the Criminal Justice system, and to help re-direct those who have already gone astray.  My observations working in the Judicial system for over two decades, and especially in the courtrooms, have helped to fuel that passion. Witnessing the same group of people--primarily young black males, being led to the podium like "sheep to the slaughter," have made me mad as hell at the devil for having all these males set up in this vicious, oppressive, recycling trap. The dull, empty look in their eyes told AND continue to tell a familiar story--one of utter hopelessness and despair! "Something needs to be done!" I would hiss under my breath weekly in the courtroom. "Do something God!"  HE DIDHe has ignited the fire within me to want to effectuate change--starting with the youth.  Isaiah 42 underscores the direction God has given me, and defines what God has called me to do, which can be "nut-shelled" in two very important words--Justice and Light.

As Founder, I implore both young men (and young ladies) to make THE decision to change. You do not have to end up being a prison statistic. According to Philippians 4:13, you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you! There is HOPE! There is a dream--a desire that God has placed deep in your heart from a child. I don't care how far you have strayed. I don't care how bad your circumstances may look! Regardless of who may laugh at you or try to discourage or deter you from your dream, just go for it! NOTHING is too far-fetch with God! You have to know that God has not changed His mind concerning you. So what? You deviated from the path. Listen for that small voice that keeps whispering- REDIRECTING!!!

Folks, I am convinced that the remedy for reducing crime is not band-aid fixes such as licensing citizens to carry guns, building more prisons, and cranking out plea convictions, but rather to cause change in the hearts of our young people. Only God can do that! I pray right now that every plan of the devil to derail and abort the lives of our youth will be nullified in the name of Jesus, and that God's Divine purpose and destiny for their lives will unfold, and prevail. I bind the spirit of violence and lawlessness that plague our cities, and clog our courts. I bind the spirit of rejection and abandonment, depression and fear, suicide and defeat, and hopelessness and despair that seek to destroy the youth everywhere, and I loose an unleashing of God's Mighty Greatness and Divine FAVOR upon their lives according to Matthew 18:18, in the name of Jesus. And all God's people say- Amen! 

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