Destination Greatness, Inc.
~Unleashing The Untapped Potential Within~

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Destination Greatness Inc.  

Destination Greatness Inc. is a 501(c)(3), Elite, Christ-anchored, Volunteer, ministry of RESTORATION and HOPE, founded by Dale C. Broome for primarily young males (13 and up), steering them from the tentacles of the Criminal Justice system, and propelling them into their God-given Greatness.

Its roots are grounded in the promise first made to Abraham, and have extended to every generation thereafter: "I will make of thee a Great nation, and I will bless thee and make thy name great, and thou shall be a blessing" (Genesis 12:2, KJV).

Destination Greatness Inc. is committed to unleashing the UNtapped potential within at-risk youths, by providing quality services that build self-esteem, recapture motivation and promote Excellency.

Overview of  Future Goals & Services:

Phase I (Males 13 and up)

  • Unique Mentoring
  • Tutoring (High School & College / English Composition/ Comprehension, Math, Criminal Justice)
  • Education Guidance (Targeting dropouts to get them back on track- GED/HS Diploma/Trade/College)
  • Advocacy (School issues; Juvenile Justice reforms)
  • Scholarships (Bridging the gap)
  • Reformation help (Project past-clean-up; Project moving forward)
  • Etiquette
  • "Change of Scenery" initiatives (Boarding School/ Away Camps:- Referrals and Admission assistance. Note: Sometimes all that is needed is to get away from the environment for a season)
  • Career Development and Job Referrals (Resume, Application help; Dressing for success seminars)
  • Coaching
  • Sports & Special Camps (Unleashing the talents of those who public schools overlook repeatedly)
  • Talent Showcasing (Bringing forth the Champion in our youth)
  • Travelling Abroad experiences (Broadening the minds of our youth beyond America)
  • Food pantry
  • Clothing closet (Includes a Belt drive)
  • Transitional Housing
Other elite alternatives that build self-esteem, recapture motivation and promote Excellency.
Destination Greatness Elite (Basketball program)

Destination Greatness Inc. has responded to the urgent mandate to "launch out into the deep." Destination Greatness Elite (DGE) Basketball program is one such launch of BOLD faith. No ordinary Basketball team, "Destination Greatness Elite was founded by Dale in 2015, primarily for the purpose of resurging HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT into the lives of EXCEPTIONAL and TALENTED males whose spirits are crushed yearly at high school tryouts.  Some do not even make it to tryouts. Others make it and are selected, only to sit frustratingly on benches while watching their team-mates play. Yet, there are others who hardly get any playing time. Destination Greatness Elite seeks to counteract the hopelessness and despair felt in these situations, by bringing out the UN-tapped potential in these young men--causing them to shine locally, nationally and internationally.

Stay tuned for…

Phase II (Females 16 -24) 

    Ushering young ladies into Elegance and Excellence.

Phase III (Females 25 and up)

    Single-mothers support
    Career Coaching and Job Referrals
(Resume, Application help; Dressing for success seminars)
Clothing closet
    Food pantry
    Helping to fight Homelessness   

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